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Svend Erik Tarp
1908 - 1994
S.E. Tarp
Svend Erik Tarp (06/08/1908 - 19/10/1994), a Danish composer. He was among those Danish composers who were closer to French musical culture than to the dominant influence from Germany. In a string of sparkling, diverting works, not least the popular Piano Concerto in C major, he spoke up in the 1930s for a different modernist direction than the German-inspired one that dominated the new Danish music of the period. Tarp composed a total of ten symphonies. While maintaining a certain connection with Carl Nielsen, Tarp's music exhibits striking rhythms and linearity, but usually with a determination to appeal to the wider audience. In the late orchestral works the lines are longer and the seriousness greater than in the early, more chamber-music-like works. Tarp also wrote operas, piano music, didactic pieces and in particular much chamber music and film music. Svend Erik Tarp held a number of administrative posts in the musical world, and for many years this stole time from his creative activities. On the other hand he continued to compose at an advanced age, although because of his weakened sight he had to have practical assistance with his last symphony.
Composed in:1980
This Requiem, Op.83, is for a girls choir SSAA.
Source:Robert Chase, Dies Irae: A Guide to Requiem Music, Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2003
Contributor:Ole Nielsen