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Christoph Nichelmann
1717 - 1762
Chr. Nichelmann
Christoph Nichelmann (13/08/1717 - 20/07/1762), a German cembalist, composer and theorist, born in Treuenbrietzen (Brandenburg). He entered the Leipzig Thomasschule in 1730, coming into contact there with J. S. Bach . Studied composition and keyboard with W. F. Bach ; left for Hamburg in 1733 and studied theater music under Telemann , Mattheson , and Keiser . He moved to Berlin in 1739, studying with Quantz and Graun , and in 1745 became (along with C. P. E. Bach ) court harpsichordist; he left the royal establishment in 1756. Nichelmann is best known for his keyboard works, especially his sonatas (1745-74) and concertos (1740-59).
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
A requiem for four voices, two flutes, two oboes, two violins, viola and bass.