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Iver Kleive
1949 -
I. Kleive
Iver Kleive (25/05/1949), a Norwegian pianist, organist, dirigent and componist (born in Skien). He is known for his composing style which is a fusion of traditional church music with other musical idioms such as blues, jazz, and Norwegian folk music. He has appeared in nearly 200 recordings as a studio musician, composer and arranger.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:latin mass en norwegian texts
In memory of:Alexander, victims of September 11 and all killed soldiers
Label(s):fxcd 325
This requiem (2001 - 2003) is for mixed choir and orchestra. It contains:
1. Introitus 10:48
2. Exaudi 3:21
3. Dies irae 18:09
4. Tuba mirum 8:58
5. Rex tremendae 6:33
6. Recordare 3:29
7. Confutatis 5:48
8. Lacrimosa 4:23
9. Sactus 4:18
10. Benedictus 7:32
11. Agnus Dei 2:24
12. Lux aeterna 4:57