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Gloria Coates
1938 - 2023
United States of America, WI
G. Coates
picture: © Randy Nordschow
Gloria Coates (10/10/1938 - 19/08/2023), a female American composer, born in Wausau, Wisconsin, USA.
For Gloria Coates, artistic expression is a spiritual necessity. She has great interest and significant participation in painting, architecture, theater, poetry, and singing—but it is through composing that she taps into a wellspring of abstracted emotionality that the others cannot reach. Whatever the veiled expressions of her work may be, there is an undoubted emotional richness present, which if not concretely knowable is at least viscerally felt by the audience. Canons constructed of quartertones and glissandos evoke gloomy instability, but also unearthly beauty.
Cantata da Requiem
Composed in:1972
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English and German texts
Label(s):Naxos 8.559371
Cantata da Requiem for Soprano, strings, piano and percussion, composed in 1972. Text and form: English and German texts in an alteration of arias and recitative. Duration; 16’ Label: Naxos 8.559371.
The Cantata is an anti-war work centered around World War II. It contains:
01. Aria: Junge Witwe (Young Widow) 05:26
02. Recitative: BBC Weather Report 1942 - 00:29
03. Aria: The Flying Bombers 02:09
04. Recitative: Brief der Lehrerin Elfriede Birndorfer (Notes from a teacher Elfriede Birndorfer) - 01:19
05. Aria: Rinne, Regen, Rinne (Run, Rain, Run) 02:30
06. Aria: All These Dyings 04:05
Source:booklet cd Naxos 8.559371
Contributor:Hermann Puchta

♫ 01. Junge Witwe (Young Widow)
© Naxos 8.559371

♫ 02. BBC Weather Report 1942
© Naxos 8.559371

♫ 03. The Flying Bombers
© Naxos 8.559371

♫ 04. Brief der Lehrerin Elfriede Birndorfer (Notes from a teacher Elfriede Birndorfer)
© Naxos 8.559371

♫ 05. Rinne, Regen, Rinne
© Naxos 8.559371

♫ 06. All These Dyings
© Naxos 8.559371