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August Zangl
1865 - 1912
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A. Zangl
August Zangl (08/02/1865 - 21/08/1912) was an Austrian teacher and composer. As the son of the town parish organist and choral director of Bruneck, and nephew of the more well-known Josef Greor Zangl, he received his first musical instruction from his father and his uncle. After finishing his teacher training in Innsbruck (1884) he became a teacher and organist in Taisten, Helfenberg, Pinsdorf and finally in Vorchdorf (after 1900), where he founded a men's glee club and a theater for dilettantes and stood out as a prolific composer and social reformer. As a composer he seems to have followed not so much the more demanding ideas of his uncle but more the style of the elegantly practical southern Tyrolean F. Schöpf the Younger.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem (Op.96) for SA(T)B and Organ.