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Minoru Miki
1930 - 2011
M. Miki
Minoru Miki (16/03/1930 - 08/12/2011), a Japanese composer, born in Tokushima. In 1996, Miki published a book The Theory of Composing for Japanese Instruments (Its Chinese translation published in 2000). Also a book During completion of the opera The tale of Genji including 60 essays published in 2001.
He awarded the Cultural Prize of Tokushima Prefecture in 1991, an honorable Purple Ribbon Metal in 1994 and the Order of the Rising Sun in 2000.
Miki Serves as a Director of the Japan Federation of Composers. He is a visiting professor of the Shikoku University.
Composed in:1963
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:from Polynesian folklore; supplementary text: Nanako Miki
In memory of:the victims of World War II
Label(s):Toshiba EMI CZ28-9097
Camerata 529
This requiem for bariton solo, male choir (or mixed choir) and instrumentation: orch(1-1-2-1, 4-4-3-1, 3 perc,3-6 db). Duration: 34'. It contains:
- Prelude
- 1st movement
- 2nd movement
- 3rd movement
- 4th movement
- 5th movement
Poem: adapted from Polynesian folklore; supplementary text: Nanako Miki
Requiem for baritone solo, male chorus & orchestra. For the victims of World War II. Text: Dialogue with the other shore (anonymous, 18th century), rewritten by Nanako Miki.
Author:Herman Ram