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Martian Negrea
1893 - 1973
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M. Negrea
Martian Negrea (29/01/1893 - 13/07/1973), a Rumanian composer, teacher and conductor, Merited Master in Art, born in Vorumloc. He had studied first in Sibiu, with Timotei Popovici, next in Wien. Teacher at the Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatoire from Bucharest. His creation involves all musical formes and genres. From his representative works we mention a sonatina for piano, the opera Pacat boieresc (named later "Marin Pescarul", with his own libretto, after the short story of Mihail Sadoveanu), symphonical suite Povesti din Grui, Quartet in mi bemol major, two rapsodies, descriptive symphonical suite Prin Muntii Apuseni, film music (Baia Mare), a requiem (opus 25) in George Enescu's memory (1973), a symphony ("of spring"), a concerto for orchestra. His music is distinguised by a personal melodic inspiration, with folclorical resonance, by an harmonical-orchestral development with coloristical effects. Negrea wrote musicological and historiographical studies, two treaties of harmony, counterpoint and fugue. State Prize Laureate.
Composed in:1957
In memory of:George Enescu
A Byzantine Requiem opus 25, written in George Enescu's memory. Liveni Vīrnav (now George Enescu, 1881 - 1955), a Romanian composer and violinist.
G. Enescu