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Leonardus Wolffgangus (Nikolaus) Betscher
1745 - 1811
Nikolaus Betscher
Nikolaus Betscher (31/10/1745 - 12/11/1811), a German composer (from Berkheim). He was born in the suabian village of Berkheim, which is located only few kilometers north-east of Rot an der Rot. His christian name was Leonardus Wolffgangus, though he changed his name to Nikolaus when he joined the monastic order. In 1789 Betscher was elected the 45th abbot of the Rot abbey. Abt Nikolaus died in the monastery on 12th November 1811.
Author:George Günther and Agnes Baum
Source:booklet of cd: Musik in oberschwäbische Klöstern - Nikolaus Betscher (1745 - 1811)
Requiem in C minor
Composed in:1784
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):DA Music CD 77331
Requiem in C minor contains:
01. Requiem
02. Dies irae
03. Offertorium
04. Sanctus
05. Benedictus
06. Agnus Dei
Source:booklet of cd: Da Music 77331

♫ 01. Requiem
© Da Music 77331

♫ 02. Dies irae
© Da Music 77331

♫ 03. Offertorium
© Da Music 77331

♫ 04. Sanctus
© Da Music 77331

♫ 05. Benedictus
© Da Music 77331

♫ 06. Agnus Dei
© Da Music 77331
Requiem in C minor, for soli, choir and orchestra. Marked as O 142. The requiem of 1784 exists as an autograph. When Betscher set it to music, he abridged the usual liturgical text a great deal. However, there remained sufficient space to put in several forms: a bass aria (Offertorium), a duo for tenor and bass (Benedictus) and various chorus parts with soloist passages in between. The parts where the chorus sings without orchestra (i.e. a cappella) are quite unusual, though admittedly, quite short.
Author:George Günther and Agnes Baum in the booklet of cd: Musik in oberschwäbische Klöstern - Nikolaus Betscher (1745 - 1811
Requiem in G minor
Composed in:1788
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem in G minor for SATB soloists, strings, 2 horns and basso continuo. Marked as O 143.