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Vladimir Zubitsky
1953 -
V. Zubitsky
Vladimir Zubitsky (02/03/1953), an Ukrainian composer. He was born in Goloskogo-Nikolaev, Ukraine, where he began to play the accordion at age six. Zubitsky studied briefly at the Gnessin State Music College in Moscow (1969-71) before moving to Kiev to study at the Kiev State Conservatory "P.I.Tchaikovsky". There he studied accordion with Professor V.Besfamilnov, conducting with Professors V.Kozhukhar and V.Gniedash, and composition with Professor M.Scoryk; he graduated in 1979. Zubitsky's international career began in 1975, when he won the International Accordion Competition "Coupe Mondiale" in Helsinki, Finland. From that point, he began to perform in concert halls around the world, as a Concert Artist of the Ukrainian Concert Organization. As a composer, Zubitsky is most well known for his accordion works - such as his Carpathian Suite, Partita Concertata in Jazz-mode, and the Children's Suite No.1; these and other Zubitsky compositions are frequently heard at accordion or bayan concerts and competitions across the world.
Beyond his works for accordion and bayan, Zubitsky is a prolific composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, and theatrical works - with no less than 7 symphonies and 3 operas to his credit. His requiem Sette lacrime earned him a Premium Prize from UNESCO in 1985. In his works, Zubitsky shows himself deeply aware of past musical idioms, from Vivaldi to Messiaen, as well as the rich tradition of Ukrainian folk music, and even jazz. He currently lives in Italy, and performs regularly as a soloist, as well as with his two family ensembles, the Duo Zubitsky and the Quartetto Zubitsky. He frequently gives workshops and lectures, and serves as a jurist for international accordion competitions.
Sette lacrime
Composed in:1985
Musical form:cantata
Text/libretto:B.Oliynyk and texts of folk Ukrainian songs
Cantata Nr.2 Sette lacrime (Seven tear-drops), a miniature requiem for children chorus on the lirics of B.Oliynyk and text of folk Ukrainian songs for soprano solo, children choir, organ and instruments. Duration: 16'.
The requiem Sette lacrime earned him a Premium Prize from UNESCO in 1985.