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Theo Hoek
1952 -
The Netherlands
Theo Hoek (1952), a Dutch composer, born in Eindhoven.
Composed in:1988
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin and Dutch texts
In memory of:Mieke Hoek-Scheepers and Leo van de Camp
Label(s):own release
Dedicatio (1988), a 14-part requiem dedicated to Mieke Hoek-Scheepers en Leo van de Camp. It contains: Latin songs, a choir piece, organ pieces and music for strings.
Contributor:Peter Ritskes
Requiem voor Harrie
Composed in:1992
Musical form:free
Het woord is feest geworden for female choir and percussions, contains:
1) De feestneus
2) Requiem voor Harrie
3) De wasmachine
4) Sanctus met appelmoes
5) Kermis in de hel