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Alois Zoggeler
1848 - 1885
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A. Zöggeler
Alois Zöggeler (27/01/1848 - 13/04/1885), an Austrian Teacher, church musician, composer. Born in Avelengo, South Tyrol; died Burghausen. He was active as a teacher and choir director in his South Tyrolean homeland (Wangen [Vanga/I], Hafling) until 1876. In 1873 he founded the Ritten (Renon/I) branch of the Bozen District Cecilia Association (Cäcilianism). In 1877 he came to the parish church in Burghausen, Bavaria, as choir regent, where he was also choirmaster of the Liedertafel. Z. is said to have attended the church music school in Regensburg/D.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
No details available.
Source:Fliegende Blätter für Katholische Kirchenmusik, Volumes 42-43