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Chris Fictoor
1948 -
The Netherlands
C.W.A. Fictoor
Christiaan Willem Artonius [Chris] Fictoor (21/08/1948), a Dutch composer, born in Veendam. He has so far over 900 songs composed. Most of his works are religious in nature. Chris Fictoor (1948) gives as director / dean leadership at the School of Performing Arts at the Hanze University Groningen. this Schoolis formed by the Prince Claus Conservatoire and the Dance Academy Northern Netherlands. He studied school music, Gregorian chant and choral conducting at the Groningen Conservatory. Then he conducted and gave guest lectures / master classes in almost all European countries and the USA, and composer of more than eight hundred, mainly vocal, compositions. These were more available in Bulgaria, Japan, Latvia, Poland and Russia. Many of his compositions recorded on CD and broadcast on radio and TV.
Fictoor was director of the Conservatory of Enschede, where he was previously professor of choral conducting, church music and music education was. He was also director and advisor to several international and national umbrella organizations, mainly in the field of education and culture.
In 2006 he was nominated as Government Manager of the Year. He is currently including vice president of the European Association of Conservatories and member of the Board of Trustees of the North Dutch Orchestra.
Since 1973 Chris Fictoor conductor of Concert Choir KOV. On 19 November 2008 he retired as a conductor at the concert Heavenly oratorios. After the concert he was knighted by Mayor Wallage.
Lányi Requiem
Composed in:1990
Musical form:free
In memory of:Gergely Lányi
Chris Fictoor was struck by the tragic events in Hungary in 1969 when he was visiting a fellow Hungarian family. In his Requiem, mourning a young member of this family Lányi, he also sympathizes with the Hungarians who suffered under dictatorial powers, oppression and occupation. Chris Fictoor began to write the piece after the tragic death of his friend Gergely Lányi in 1980 and worked for over ten years the Lányi Requiem.