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Anthony Fiumara
1968 -
The Netherlands | Italy
A. Fiumara
Anthony Fiumara (1968) is a Dutch-Italian composer born in Tilburg who received his musical educaton at the University of Utrecht. He has made significant contributons to the world of music through various roles in his career. While working full-time as a composer, he also had successful stints as a music journalist, radio program maker, and conservatory teacher. Since 2018, he has been the head of composi>on at Fontys AMPA in Tilburg. Fiumara’s artistic endeavors are diverse and prolific. He was the artistic director of Orkest De Volharding and Compagnie Bischoff. He co-founded the Amsterdam Electric festival, the indie-classical ensemble Lunapark and the independent record label Alaska Records. In 2022, he completed the Master Creator Performer program at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, furthering his artistic development and knowledge.
As a composer, Fiumara’s work has been sought after by various international soloists and ensembles, such as West Austalian Ballet and Symphony Orchestra, musik Fabrik, Trio Mediaeval, Quartetto Maurice, Ensemble Klang, and Sentieri Selvaggi, among others. Collaboration plays a significant part in Fiumara's career, particularly with choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma. Their joint efforts have resulted in mesmerizing performances that blend music and dance seamlessly. In 2022, Fiumara's album Vitreous Body was released on Philip Glass’s label, Orange Mountain Music, featuring the ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag. While Fiumara is known for his orchestral contributions, he has also explored other musical avenues. For instance, he is part of the ambient duo Poulson Sq. alongside Mathijs Leeuwis, showcasing his versatility beyond traditional classical music. Additionally, he exhibits his electronic music prowess as a solo performer.
Fiumara’s music is characterized by a dynamic style, with keywords such as speed, energy, layers, and clear contrasts. Examples of his work include the orchestral piece Here Comes Everybody, the orchestral song cycle One Thousand Roads, and the requiem Memorial Park. His music focuses on the physical experience of sound, what he calls “the skin of sound.” Moreover, his expertise as an orchestrator is highly sought after, with a repertoire that includes arrangements of music by distinguished artists such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley, John Adams, Simeon ten Holt, Erik Satie, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Massive AZack, and David Bowie.
Memorial Park
Period:21st century
Composed in:2017
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Désanne van Brederode
In memory of:Jheronimus Bosch (ca. 1450 - 1516), the famous Dutch painter
Memorial Park for SATB chorus and large ensemble, is a so-called Bosch Requiem to commemorate Jeroen Bosch, the famous Dutch painter.
Anthony Fiumara, who was commissioned this year (2017) to write a new requiem, is part of a tradition and with this piece he too adds another bead to a now long chain. He didn't do that alone. Because although there is a Latin requiem text, it is no longer always used by contemporary composers. Fiumara also moved to a different form. What he maintained were the titles, but that's about it. Philosopher and writer Désanne van Brederode did the rest. The starting point of both artists was not so much to write a requiem in the classical sense, a mass that provides comfort, but rather to reflect on dying itself. As Van Brederode puts it: “I am concerned with types of dying – anonymously and in loneliness, or in the depths of depression by one's own hand, or drowned while fleeing, or grateful and conscious, after a long life, or despairing and furious. and afraid, because someone is suffering and still had so many plans.”
D. van Brederode