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Daniel Nelson
1965 -
D. Nelson
Daniel Nelson (01/05/1965), a Swedish composer. He was born in Bethesda, Maryland, United States of America. His family moved to Sweden in 1970. His first studies in composition were with Lars-Erik Rosell prior to returning to the United States in 1985. There, he studied composition with Jean Eichelberger-Ivey at the Peabody Conservatory. Having received his Bachelor of Music degree, he went on to study for a Master of Arts with Ralph Shapey at University of Chicago. Since 1992, he has been working in Sweden as a composer. Nelson's music is pulse-oriented. It has also been described as minimalistic in character (more post-minimalistic, actually, not to be confused with early minimalism), and as containing a slightly neo-Romantic vein as well.
Gilles' Requiem
Composed in:1999
Label(s):Ruo Records RRC 016
Gilles de Rais (1404 - 1440), Gilles de Laval, Marechal and Baron de Rais (Rays, Rayx or Retz) who raped and murdered hundreds of children, using their blood for black magic and alchemy purposes.
Author:Herman Ram
A requiem for boys choir and symphony orchestra. It is part of Operanord’s production Gilles’ Requiem, premiere in Copenhagen, August 1999, commissioned by Operanord with additional funds from the Danish National Arts Foundation.
Gilles' Requiem was composed by:
Jovanka Trbojevic:
01. Introitus
02. Chorale
03. Kyrie
Juliana Hodkinson:
04. Graduale
05. Intermezzo
06. Tractus
07 Post communio
Daniel Nelson:
08. Offertorium
09. Sanctus
10. Agnus Dei
and music by: Fläskkvartetten, Martin Hall.
Author:Juliana Hodkinson