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Dror Feiler
1951 -
Israel | Sweden
D. Feiler
Dror Feiler (31/08/1951), an Israelian musician. He was born in Tel Aviv, 1951. After completing his studies at an agricultural college (1965-1969) and serving his military service as a parachutist (1969-1972), he settled in Sweden 1973. In 1977-1978 he studied musicology at Stockholm University and in 1978-1983 he studied composition at the state college of Music in Stockholm for Gunnar Bucht, S. D. Sandström and Brian Ferneyhough. Since the end of the 1970s, he has composed upwards 60 works for various combinations of instruments, ranging from orchestral music to solo pieces, from electroacoustic music to ballet music.
Döds mőssa över 70-talet
Composed in:1980
Musical form:mass
Döds mőssa över 70-talet (Requiem for the seventies) (1979-80), for soloists and orchestra.
Contributor:Staffan Thuringer