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Salvador Ranieri
1930 - 2012
Italy / Argentina
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S. Ranieri
Salvador Ranieri (19/10/1930 - 13/05/2012), an Argentine musician and composer, of Italian origin. Although his first presentation was made as a pianist, his main instrument was the clarinet. Among his works are "Life, an enigma", 1994, oratory commissioned by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires and premiered at the Teatro Colón in the same year, "E tu o il mio sangu Signore", 1990 , "Danza arcaica", 1957, "Concierto" 1984, "Le voci norte" , "E tuo il mio sangue" 1990, "Presagios" 1990. He received awards both nationally and internationally: Municipal Award (1968, 1970 y1975), National (1998), Casa de las Americas Prize (Cuba) 1966 and 1967, Award Wieniawski (Poland) in 1976, 1980 and 1984, the City of Ibague Award (Colombia), Iberoamerican Christopher Columbus international Award (1986). On 12 August 2001 his hometown, Arena, declared him a distinguished citizen of international fame as a composer.
Requiem y Música para niños
Musical form:free
Requiem for soloists and chorus.
Source:Latin American Classical Composers: A Biographical Dictionary