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Iris ter Schiphorst
1956 -
I. ter Schiphorst
Iris ter Schiphorst (22/05/1956), a female German composer, born in Hamburg. Many of her works have been written in collaboration with composer Helmut Oehring, including Polaroids, Requiem, and a Lorca-based dance work Bernarda Albas Haus choreographed by Joachim Schlömer.
Composed in:1998
Musical form:free
Label(s):Col Legno WWE 20050
Helmut Oehring's and Schiphorst's Requiem for soloists and ensemble (actually a Melodram for 1 deaf-mute, 1 sopranist, 12 instruments and live electronics) is a cumulatively powerful work in which darkly glimmering textures are overlain on rhythmically insistent grounds or washes of undifferentiated dark tones, the whole taking on a very abstract quality, immersing the listener rather than demanding to be listened to objectively.

♫ Requiem
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