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Carlotta Ferrari
1837 - 1907
C. Ferrari
Carlotta Ferrari (27/01/1837 - 23/11/1907), a female Italian composer, born in Bologna. Dramatic composer, pupil of Strepponi and Panziui ; and at the Conservatorio, Milan, in 1844-50, of Mazzucato in composition. She is a poet as well as musician, and writes her own librettos. Works : Ugo, opera, represented in Milan, July 24, 1857 ; Sofia, opera in three acts, Lodi, Milan, Turin, 1866 ; Eleonora d' Arborea, opera, Cagliari, March, 1871 ; Grand mass for Cathedral of Lodi, 1868 ; Requiem for anniversary of death of Charles Albert, Turin Cathedral, 1868 ; Songs, etc.
Composed in:1868
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:King Charles Albert
Requiem for anniversary of death of King Charles Albert (Italian: Carlo Alberto Amedeo di Savoia) (02/10/1798 28/07/1849) was the King of Piedmont-Sardinia from 1831 to 1849. He succeeded his distant cousin Charles Felix, and his name is bound with the first Italian statute and the First War of Independence (184849). He abdicated after his forces were defeated by the Austrian army at the Battle of Novara (1849), and died in exile soon thereafter.
King Charles Albert