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Pere Rabassa
1683 - 1767
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P. Rabassa
Pere (Pedro) Rabassa (21/09/1683 - 12/12/1767), a Spanish composer and music theorist; born in Barcelona, died in Seville.
In 1724 Rabassa became maestro at Seville Cathedral where he remained until his retirement in 1757. He continued to compose music for the cathedral until his death.
Rabassa made an outstanding contribution to the history of music theory with his manuscript treatise Guia para los principiantes.
Source:Grove’s dictionary of music and musicians
Missa defunctorum
Composed in:1713c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):LMG 2076
Missa defunctorum (ca. 1713) contains:
01. Introitus 4'14
02. Kyrie 2'14
03. Graduale 2'39
04. Sequentia 12'44
05. Offertorium 6'03
06. Sanctus 1'21
07. Domine 1'49
08. Agnus Dei 1'28
09. Lux aeterna 2'09
10. Libera me 8'56
11. Kyrie 1'23
Contributor:Hermann Puchta