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Joachim von Uttenreute
1859 - 1913
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J. von Uttenreute
Joachim von Uttenreute (1859 - 1913), a German composer.
Requiem for mixed choir. Arranged by Ronald Joachim Autenrieth. Ronald J. Autenrieth (1959) was born in Weingarten in Baden. After training to be a teacher in Esslingen, he lived as first in Ravensburg and in Weingarten where his main field of activity was in church music. As a member of the programme advisory board of the "Society for New Music", he played a prominent part in the organization and presentation of concerts with serious midern music in the area between Lake Constance and Upper Swabia. Among his teachers, Jean Chenevoy, Johannes Baiker and Heinrich Hamm must be mentioned. Apart from larger works such as the "Ragamusic" for large organ which was first performed in Frankfurt, he has also composed easy to perform music for amateurs and popular music. Autenrieth lives near Eberbach on the Neckar since 1991. Besides his teaching in a rehabilitation centre, he works as composer, arranger, conductor and interpreter, often together with young people.
R.J. Autenrieth