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Marco Tutino
1954 -
M. Tutino
Marco Tutino (30/05/1954), an Italian composer, born in Milan. He is considered one of the most representative in the new generation of Italian composers. He made his debut in 1976 at the Gaudeamus Festival, Holland. He has composed chamber and symphonic music for the major Italian concert societies and for foreign music institutions as the BBC, The Berlin Radio Symphoy Orchestra, the Copenhagen Radio Symphoy Orchestra, The San Francisco chamber orchestra, etc. In addition, he has received commissions and performances from conductors such as Chailly, Sinopoli, Bartoletti, R. Abbado, Gatti, Rizzi.
Requiem per le vittime della mafia - Libera me
Composed in:1992
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Vincenzo Consolo
In memory of:victims of the maffia
Libera me from Requiem per le vittime della mafia is for soprano, choir and orchestra.
This requiem is a collaborative composition of Marco Betta (Lux aeterna), Lorenzo Ferrero (Introito), Carlo Galante (Dies irae), Paolo Arcą, (Offertorio), Matteo D'Amico (Sanctus), Giovanni Sollima (Agnus Dei) and Marco Tutino (Libera me) on a text of Vincenzo Consolo (1933), an Italian writer.
First performance: 27/03/1993, Cathedral of Palermo.
Tutino has been creator, promoter and author (with six other composers chosen by him) of the Requiem in memoria delle vittime della mafia performed in Palermo Cathedral (March, 27th 1993). The requiem had an unprecedented international audience.
V. Consolo