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Derek Hobbs
1943 -
Great Britain, England
D. Hobbs
Derek Hobbs (08/07/1943) is an English (from Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbrian) composer and musician, many of whose works have a local flavour. His two largest works in recent years have been the cantatas Fell ’em Doon – the story of a pit village - for soloists, adult and children’s choirs and brass band (the first performance involved 450 performers!) and With the Ebb and the Flow for baritone solo, mixed chorus and orchestra which tells of the Venerable Bede and the Northumbrian saints Oswald, Aidan and Cuthbert. One of his earliest works, the Christmas musical The Greatest Show on Earth (written in 1975) has been performed several times every year since then. His interest in the Northumbrian pipes led to eight volumes of The Piper’s Companion series, a collection of duet and trio arrangements of mainly traditional material. He plays piano, organ, French horn and Northumbrian pipes and has conducted choirs, wind bands and orchestras. He currently conducts the Northumbrian branch of the Cobweb Orchestra, an amateur orchestra linked to the Northern Sinfonia.
The Colliers' requiem
Composed in:1994
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:Mike Kirkup
The Colliers’ requiem is for solo voice (soprano) and piano or orchestra. It is the last movement of the cantata Fell ’em Doon, originally scored for soprano and baritone soloists, adult and children’s choirs and brass band. There is also an orchestral version of this movement.
"With all due respect, Janice Cairns brought a lump to my throat not with her Verdi but with the wonderful requiem from Fell ’em Doon".
Source:The Journal (Newcastle)
The text was written by Mike Kirkup; he is a retired lecturer and local historian.
Author:Derek Hobbs
M. Kirkup