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Jack Ho
1984 -
Taiwan | Australia
J.H.Y. Ho
Jack Hao-Yuan [Jack] Ho (21/02/1984), a Taiwanese composer, born in Taipei, living in Sidney, Australia. He is now a conductor, composer and arranger. Jack does numerous concerts and performances every year at different venues for different occasions. Some of his performances includes Sydney Roman Catholic Archbishop Cardinal Edward Clancy’s farewell at Sydney Town Hall in 2001 as well as the Opening Ceremony of Bledislow Cup at Stadium Australia, launch of Catholic Earthcare Australia, Choral Concerts and Schools Spectaculars in the Opera House and the Entertainment Centre, he is also the guest artist for 2 years at Mary K School of Performing Arts Annual Presentation. Some of his compositions includes Motets and Masses as well as few pieces for the organ. Jack was Assistant Director of Cantata de Casimir Choir, Organist at Sutherland Uniting Church and Principle Organist at St Felix’s Catholic Church in NSW and also Parish Organist at St Catherine's Catholic Church. He associated with the "Catholic Schools Performing Arts" for the 3 years in the special selected performance team. Some of his past positions includes Producer and Head Stage Manager for concerts and productions as well as Director of Youth Music at Christ Church St Laurence in Sydney and also guest artist and conductor for a number of concerts. Jack performs frequently in Australia and overseas. Currently Jack sings with St Stephen's Cathedral Choir, University of Queensland Chorale as well as Brisbane Chorale. He is also Musical Director for the Praise & Worship Ensemble at Our Lady of Graces Catholic Church in Brisbane. Jack's strength is the musical periods of Medieval, Baroque and Classical.
Requiem paradisum - Pie Jesu
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the composer's friend A.K.P. (1988-2002)
The piece is written in memory of a beloved friend who died in year 2002. Also used for my HSC Composition Project.