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Roman Hurko
1962 -
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R. Hurko
Roman Hurko (21/10/1962), a Canadian composer of Ukrainian descent, born in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the University of Toronto (Music History and Theory), he has also studied privately with composer Ivan Moody in Portugal, and will begin a Master's Program at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music in the fall of 2006. A member of the Composers' Union of Ukraine since 2004, Roman began writing music while still in high school. His first composition "Ave Maria" for SATB choir was premiered by the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir, at the Guelph Spring Festival in 1983, with the composer conducting.
Requiem (Panachyda)
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Duration:ca. 28'
In memory of:the victims of Chornobyl, Ukraine nuclear plant accident
Label(s):own release Roman Hurko
This requiem contains:
01. Holy God (Trisagion) - Святий Боже 6:02
02. Our Father - Отче Наш 3:53
03. With the just spirits - З духами праведних 6:41
04. Litany - Ектенія 2:27
05. Dismissal - Відпуст 4:46
06. Everlasting memory - Вічная пам'ять 4:10
Composer Hurko eulogizes the victims of the Chornobyl, Ukraine nuclear plant accident in this traditional Byzantine rite counterpart to the Roman Catholic 'Requiem Mass.' Performed by the Frescoes of Kyiv Chamber Choir, it was recorded in the historic St. Michael's Golden-Domed "Orthodox" Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 15th anniversary of the accident. Part of the proceeds from this CD will go towards helping the victims of the Chornobyl disaster.
On the 15th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster, Roman Hurko composed a Requiem for the victims of Chornobyl. This Byzantine Christian Church Requiem service sung a cappella and in the Ukrainian language, was recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine with the Frescoes of Kyiv Chamber Choir. It has recently been released on CD as a fundraising project for the Children/Victims of Chornobyl.
Chornobyl, Ukraine
after the disaster