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Dieter Einfeldt
1935 -
D. Einfeldt
Dieter Einfeldt (11/04/1935), a German composer; born in Hamburg. His compositional oeuvre is characterized by a high degree of craftsmanship, a keen sense of form, and effective dramaturgical structures. Away from the provocative avant-garde, Einfeldt never gave up the connection to tonality in his composing. Giving the listener the possibility of retaining tonal shapes and being able to recognize them again was more important to him that following the fashionable zeitgeist. In the use of symmetrical all-interval rows, his intervals and chords are subject to a clear hierarchy in the interplay of consonance and dissonance.
Gomorrha: ein Requiem für Hamburg
Composed in:1986
Text/libretto:Eckart Kleßmann
Gomorrha: ein Requiem für Hamburg, for soli, four part mixed choir and orchestra; text by Eckart Kleßmann (17/03/1933), a German writer and historian.
E. Kleßmann