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Lucrecia Kasilag
1918 - 2008
L.R. Kasilag
Lucrecia Roces [Lucrecia] Kasilag (31/08/1918 - 16/08/2008), a female Filipino composer and pianist, born in San Fernando, La Union, Philippines, died in Manila, Philippines. After completing her studies, Kasilag made an international tour as a concert pianist, but eventually had to give up a performing career due to a congenital weakness in one hand. Kasilag was instrumental in developing Philippine music and culture. She founded the Bayanihan Folks Arts Center for research and theatrical presentations, and was closely involved with the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company. She was also a former president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, head of the Asian Composers League, Chairperson of the Philippine Society for Music Education, and was one of the pioneers of the Bayanihan Dance Company. She is credited for having written more than 200 musical compositions, ranging from folksongs to opera to orchestral works, and was composing up to the year before she died, at age 90. She is particularly known for incorporating indigenous Filipino instruments into orchestral productions.
Composed in:1965
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass and Philipino
Requiem mass (1965) for Choir SATB, guitar and organ.
Author:Adel Heinrich
Source:Organ and Harpsichord Music by Women Composers: An Annotated Catalog