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Timothy Hamilton
1973 -
Great Britain, England
T. Hamilton
Timothy Hamilton (1973) is an English composer and conductor who is known for his accessible and communicative writing style. His music is imaginative and stimulating, and is quite individual within its conservative character. His début album Vision, released on Stone Records in 2014, won widespread acclaim and firmly established him as an exciting composer of the English music tradition. His compositions include many choral and orchestral works, including several anthems and masses that are performed at various cathedrals, churches and concert venues throughout the UK, the US and Canada. His St John’s Wood Mass setting is very popular with many church congregations in the UK. In 2012, Hamilton founded Cantoribus, an exciting vocal ensemble comprising operatic voices with extensive choral training and experience. The result was a series of highly successful concert performances, culminating in the recording of Vision. Hamilton is also in demand as a composer and arranger for other genres, and has written music for companies as diverse as Nokia, Odgers Berndston and BNP Paribas.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2012
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the victims of World War I
Label(s):Naxos 8.573849
This Requiem contains:
01. Prelude 5:44
02. Introit 4:07
03. Kyrie 3:53
04. The Warrior's Psalm (Psalm 91) 4:23
05. Hostias 1:58
06. Sanctus 3:03
07. Benedictus 3:49
08. Agnus Dei 4:00
09. Lest We Forget 8:06
10. Pie Jesu 2:44
11. Libera me 8:56
12. In paradisum 12:15

♫ 01. Prelude
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 02. Introit
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 03. Kyrie
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 04. The Warrior's Psalm (Psalm 91)
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 05. Hostias
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 06. Sanctus
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 07. Benedictus
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 08. Agnus Dei
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 09. Lest We Forget
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 10. Pie Jesu
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 11. Libera me
© Naxos 8.573849

♫ 12. In paradisum
© Naxos 8.573849
Commissioned in 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, Timothy Hamilton’s Requiem draws its inspiration from the Roman liturgy. In twelve movements, it conjures up a vivid sequence of images depicting both the horror of war and the calmness and eeriness of the aftermath of battle, interspersed with moments of somber and contemplative reflection most notably in the plangent setting of Isaac Watts’ ‘Give us the wings of faith’ and the orchestral interlude ‘Lest We Forget.’ The work builds to a powerful and moving conclusion with soprano and then chorus welcoming the souls of the fallen into paradise.