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Dave Heath
1956 -
Great Britain, England
D. Heath
Dave Heath (31/10/1956), an English composer. He was born in Manchester. He attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he studied flute, and began to play modern jazz at the age of 17. He has written concertos and other major works which have been performed worldwide for, among others, James Galway, Nigel Kennedy, Piers Lane, Julian Lloyd-Weber,Clio Gould, and Evelyn Glennie.
Requiem, the beloved
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Musical form:free
Text/libretto: Anke Medrington
In memory of:Paul Medrington, a 5-year-old playmate of the composer's sons
Label(s):Black Box Music BBM 1083
Requiem: the beloved contains:
01. Did anyone see what happened?
02. He chose me
03. Ich hatt einen Herzallerliebsten
Source:booklet of cd Black Box BBM 1083

♫ 01. Did anyone see what happened?
Black Box BBM 1083

♫ 02. He chose me
Black Box BBM 1083

♫ 03. Ich hatt einen Herzallerliebsten
Black Box BBM 1083

The Beloved is scored for choir,organ,solo soprano,solo treble,and solo oboe. The idea for the oboe came from the fact that the main theme of Paul's favourite CD [the soundtrack to the film The Mission] was an oboe solo.
The Beloved was written about Paul Medrington aged five, who died in tragic circumstances on the 26th December 2000.
Requiem in which the use of a solo treble and only organ accompaniment acknowledges the English choral tradition in music whose mixture of ethereality and representations of tortured grief aims for direct emotional appeal.