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Pater Hartmann
1863 - 1914
Pater Hartmann
Pater Hartmann -real name: Paul von An der Lan zu Hochbrunn- (21/12/1863 - 06/12/1914), an Italian Franciscan composer, organist and choir conductor. He was born in Salorno, Italy, but he studied in Innsbruck with Joseph Pembaur (1848 - 1923), and worked as organist in Jerusalem, Rome, St. Petersburg and New York. He retired in 1906 and lived till his death in a Franciscan Monastery in Münich.
Composed in:1913
This requiem (1913/1914) was written for male choir.
Source:http://www.bautz.de/bbkl/h/hartmann_pa.shtml and Otto Keller In: Geschichte der Musik
Contributor:Anton Geersen