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Fernand Laloux
1901 - 1970
Belgium | Great Britain
F.P.G. Laloux
Fernand Pierre G. [Fernand] Laloux (27/11/1901 - 1970), an English composer (from Belgian descent) of church music and former distinguished Director of Music at Farm Street Jesuit Church. He fled together with his parents to England in 1914 and stayed there. He was choir conductor of 'The Sacred Heart Church of Wimbledoní. His music is French in flavour, owing much to the influence of Ravel, and will provide choirs with interesting new material for many different liturgical occasions. Several of his pieces have been in regular use at the London Oratory since the 1980s. He died in Wandsworth, London, England.
Pie Jesu
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Pie Jesu for a cappella SATB choir with Soprano and Bass soli and divisi Tenor. This brief but poignant setting was frequently requested for use at funerals and Requiems during Laloux's time at Farm Street.
Contributor:Flavie Roquet