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Alois Lejeal
1840 - 1920
A.F. Lejeal
Alois Francis André [Alois] Lejeal (15/01/1840 - 08/04/1920), a French composer, pianist, pupil of his uncle Ignatius Garner, and in composition of M. E. Sachs in Munich. He went to America and in 1862 was settled in New York where, in connection with Edward Mollenhauer and S. N. Griswold, he founded the New York Conservatory of Music. In 1870 he returned to Europe, but again went to America and in 1875 settled in San Francisco, where he has since resided. Works : Mass 1 in D, for mixed voices, organ accompaniment ; Mass in A ; Mass in E-flat ; Ave Maria ; Te Deum in D ; Requiem for mixed voices and organ ; Suite of Wedding Music, for violin and pianoforte ; Wedding March, Twilight, Gavotte, Devotion, Fantasma, Scherzo, and other pieces for the pianoforte. He is author also of The Modern School of Piano Technics ; Preparatory Piano Method.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass