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James DeMars
1952 -
United States of America, MN
J. DeMars
James DeMars (17/04/1952), an American composer from Minnesota. He has written numerous works for orchestra, chorus and chamber ensembles. These works are representative of a number of his post-modern compositions that explore intercultural possibilities. Teacher of David Arbury.
An American Requiem
Composed in:1993
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass and English poems by Michael F. Sarda, Martin Luther King Jr. and Walt Whitman
In memory of:all Americans who contributed their lives to the USA, regardless of origin, race or creed
Label(s):BWE Classics 7-45751-9601-2
An American Requiem for chorus and orchestra with SATB soloists. Duration: 65 min.
It intersperses the ancient Latin liturgical text of the Roman Catholic mass with modern English language poetry selected or written by Michael F. Sarda. An American Requiem is a new and important work of memorial music in the centuries-old tradition of honoring the memory of people of outstanding stature. This remarkable work of music, with no precedent in the history of American music, perpetuates a form that was illustrated in the past by such masters as Mozart, Berlioz, Fauré and Verdi, and more recently by Benjamin Britten and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Because it involves large musical forces, and goes beyond music to reach into the spiritual, may consider the Requiem as the most elaborate form of classical music.
An American Requiem was commissioned by the Art Renaissance Foundation and composed in 1993.
It contains:
- Canticle of the sky
- Requiem Aeternam
- Kyrie
- Psalm 39
- Dies Irae
- Tuba Mirum
- Liber Scriptus
- Recordare
- Rex Tremandae
- Dedication (text by Walt Whitman: When lilacs last in the dooryard)
- Sanctus (with some phrases by Martin Luther King jr.)
- Memorial prayer (after the Jewish rite El Mole)
- Lux Aeterna
- Libera me
Author:Michel F. Sarda
Picture Picture
M.L. King Jr.
W. Whitman