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David Axelrod
1936 - 2017
United States of America, CA
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D.A. Axelrod
David A. Axelrod (17/04/1936 - 05/02/2017) is an American acid-jazz artist, largely self-taught in classical music (born in Los Angeles).
Requiem: the holocaust
Composed in:1993
Musical form:free
In memory of:the victims of the holocaust in World War II
Label(s):EMI Blackwood Music 532 9752
Stateside 532975 2
A modern-classic requiem of an acid-jazz artist.

Requiem: the holocaust contains:
01. Introit-Krystallnacht 9:38
02. Kyrie-Trains 11:05
03. Sanctus-Auschwitz 10:19
04. Dies Irae-Gas Chambers 13:40
Source:booklet of cd Stateside 532975 2

♫ 01. Introit-Krystallnacht
Stateside 532975 2

♫ 02. Kyrie-Trains
Stateside 532975 2

♫ 03. Sanctus-Auschwitz
Stateside 532975 2

♫ 04. Dies Irae-Gas Chambers
Stateside 532975 2
Deep shit from the man; maybe too deep for most. There are no drums on this recording. It's a bit heavy to listen to, but still quite interesting if you can take it. Liberty let it go out of print because of some controversy with the cover, I was told.