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Joseph Haas
1879 - 1960
Picture Picture
J. Haas
Joseph Haas (19/03/1879 - 30/03/1960), a German composer, born in Maihingen. He was together with Paul Hindemith and Heinrich Burkard founder of the Donaueschinger internationalen Kammermusikfeste für Neue Musik.
Composed in:1945
Musical form:melodrama
Text/libretto:Ernst Wiechert
Totenmesse, Op.101a, is a melodrama written for radio, text by Ernst Wiechert (1887-1950), a German writer. It for speaker voices, (speech) choir and instruments.
Totenmesse, Op.101 (1947), same Requiem but adjusted for orchestra, narrator, children's choir, male and female choir.
E. Wiechert