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Michael Hoppé
1944 -
Egypt | United States of America, CA
M. Hoppé
Michael Hoppé (28/08/1944), an American composer/arranger/keyboard player. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. He moved to England and now makes his home in Los Angeles. He is a Grammy Award nominated composer of exceptional melodic talents, has an extensive background in both pop and classical music; styles his various record labels and compositions reflect.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):See: http://michaelhoppe.com/Requiem.htm
This requiem contains:
1. Introit 4:07
2. Kyrie 3:24
3. Pie Jesu 4:02
4. Lacrimosa 2:44
5. Sanctus 3:42
6. Agnus Dei 6:03
7. Lux Aeterna 3:43
8. In Paradisum 4:01
Contributor:Arye Kendi
"Ever since I can remember, I have loved the musical setting of the Requiem…wings for the passage of the soul. Mozart’s glorious Requiem has always transported me, and led to my discovering other masterpieces in the genre, such as Verdi’s dramatic work, and Faure’s tranquil gem. Whether Brahms or John Rutter, Berlioz or Lloyd Webber, composers have always adapted the text, and I am no exception. I wanted REQUIEM to embrace intimacy, peace and serenity, and although it is not a complete setting of the Missa pro defunctis as stated in the Catholic liturgy, I have used the Latin text I felt represented these characteristics." After my last album SOLACE, which includes "Pie Jesu" and "Lachrimosa", it seemed a natural next step to write and record REQUIEM. It is my hope the listener will enjoy the exquisite artistry of the soprano Heidi Fielding and tenor Dwain Briggs heard in this work. May their beautiful voices transport you to that deep tranquil place where the sublime is present, and peace embraced.
Author:Michael Hoppé