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Anders Hultqvist
1955 -
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A. Hultqvist
Anders Hultqvist (24/10/1955), a Swedish composer. He was born in Stockholm but lived his first 20 years in Kiruna in the north of Sweden. From 1985 to 1989 he attended the composition programme at the school of Music, Göeborg University, where he studied under Mikael Edlund, Bo Holten, Lennart Hall and Lars Johan Werle.
He has been composer in residence at the COMA-center(Contemporary Music and Artists) during the years 2003-2005 and is also currently involved in a research project("Transmission" - Urban Sound Experiments) funded by the Swedish Research Council.
In addition to his artistic work, he is currently Asst.Professor at the School of Music, Göteborg University and has also been the director of the GAS-festival(Göteborg Art Sounds) during the period 1998-2004. The GAS-festival combines modern chamber music with new jazz, electronica, soundart, symphonic orchestras and music theatre.
Tiden far i träden - ett requiem
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin Mass and Olle Adolphson
Label(s):Footprint record (2005)
Tiden far i träden - ett requiem (2003) English title: Time passes in the trees, composed for Choir and String Orchestra. Duration: 37'. Text: Latin Mass and Olle Adolphson (1934 - 2004). Commissioned by Musica Vitae.
Olle Adolphson (02/05/1934 – 10/03/2004) was a Swedish writer, singer and songwriter. He released a range of books (Aubade, Foliá), LPs (En stol på Tegnér, etc.) and CDs (Älskar inte jag dig då, Mässa på svenska språket, etc).
O. Adolphson