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Andrew Ager
1962 -
A. Ager
Andrew Ager (12/02/1962), a Canadian composer; he is one of Canada’s most widely known composers, having had performances across Canada, the US, and in Europe. In his home country, his music has been performed by some of Canada’s leading ensembles, and he has been the recipient of numerous grants.
Requiem - Therefore give us love
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English and Latin
Requiem ("Therefore give us love") (Op.4) for soprano and baritone solo, choir, solo violin, 2 horns, violas, cellos, bass, organ, and harp (NB - identical orchestration to the Faure Requiem, which with it has often been performed).
It contains:
01. Praise the Lord, O My Soul
02. Therefore Give Us Love
03. How They So Softly Rest
04. The Ship of Death
05. Requiem Aeternam