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Frantisek Karel Rafael
c.1795 - 1864
Czech Republic
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F.K. Rafael
Frantisek Karel [Franz Carl] Rafael (ca.1795 - 14/11/1864), a Bohemian composer, born at Senftenberg, Bohemia, in 1795, died at Pettau, Styria, Nov. 14, 1864. Bass singer and double-bass player, pupil at the Conservatorium in Prague on the double-bass, which he afterwards played in the theatre orchestra at Briinn, but abandoned to become a dramatic singer. When his voice began to fail he taught music, and organized an orchestra, which was among the most popular in the city. He then acted as Kapellmeister at several theatres, in 1837 at Breslau, then at Troppau, and in 1843 at Marburg and at Pettau, where he settled, teaching music after 1845. Works:
- Solemn mass;
- 2 Requiems;
- Salutaris hostia;
- Tantum ergo, and other church music;
- Songs.
Requiem (2x)
Musical form:masses
Text/libretto:Latin mass