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Michele Ruta
1826 - 1896
M. Ruta
Michele Ruta (07/02/1826 - 24/01/1896), an Italian dramatic and church composer; born at Caserta, died in Napoli, Italy. He was a pupil at the Naples Conservatorio of Lanza on the pianoforte, of Cimarosa the younger and of Crescentini in singing, of Gennario Parise in harmony, and of Francesco Ruggi and Carlo Conti in counterpoint and composition. In 1848 he joined the volunteers against Austria, and after the defeat at Novara returned to Naples, where he wrote sevei'al didactic works, and afterwards took up composition. Works: Operas: Leonilda, Naples, 1853 ; Diana di Vitry, ib., 1850 ; L' impresario per projetto, ib., 1873 ; Imelda, ballet. Grand cantata ; 2 masses with orchestra ; 3 do. alia Palestrina ; 2 do. for male voices, with harp, harmonium, violin, and double-bass ; Requiem, for 4 voices and orchestra ; Te Deum ; Several motets ; 6 albums of vocal melodies; Songs and part songs, and many pianoforte pieces.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass