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Charles Warot
1804 - 1836
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V.A.Ch. Warot
Victor Alexander Charles [Charles] Warot (14/11/1804 - 29/07/1836), a Belgian composer, born at Dunkirk, died at Brussels. A violinist and dramatic composer, pupil of Fridzeri at Antwerp, where and at Maestricht he appeared in public with success. Having devoted himself entirely to composition, he was obliged after the Belgian revolution of 1830, which had ruined his father financially, to accept the post of second chef d'orchestre at the Theatre de la Monnaie in Brussels. Works Operas : L'aveugle de Clareus, ou la vallee suisse, Antwerp, 1829 ; Le uaufrage de Cadet- Roussel, opera-folie, ib., 1829 ; L'officieux, ou 1'enlevemeut ; Lequel des trois ? ; Lord Maireud ; Le pirate. 3 messes soleuuelles ; Requiem, with full orchestra ; Lauda Siou ; Salve Regina ; Cantique de Noel ; Several chansons patriotiques ; Cantatas, motets, pieces for wind band, etc.
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass