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David Anne
1970 -
D. Anne
David Anne (08/04/1970), a Flemish composer, born in Kortrijk, Belgium. He studied music theory, piano, violin, harmony, at the Municipal Conservatory of Music in Kortrijk and continued his professional music education at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent where he studied music theory, composition, conducting and music education. A post-graduate study in conducting took him to the Conservatory of Poznan, Poland.
As a music educator he’s involved in the Rudolf Steiner education system (Bruges). In the summer holidays he lectures composition and chamber music.
He conducted many orchestras and choirs both in Belgium and abroad. He’s currently the principal conductor of the professional chamber orchestra ‘The Chamber Players’ (Kortrijk). He worked with acclaimed soloists as Mikhail Bezverkhny, Hilde Coppé, Els Mondelaers, Yf Bourry and Manu Mellaerts. As a composer he writes for a broad spectrum of musical instrumentations: symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, choir, chamber music, songs and soloworks. He prefers composing in a plastic musical style, contemporary but accessible.
Musical projects took him and his music to many different locations: Germany, France, UK, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, USA, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, China and India.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2012
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass and other texts
Label(s):Listen: Soundcloud
Requiem, for soprano, choir, string orchestra, percussion and organ (2012), first performed 2013.
01. Introïtus (Vocalise) mezzo-sopr., strings
02. Requiem Aeternam choir, organ, perc., strings
03. Kyrie choir, organ, perc., strings
04. Rex Tremendae-Lacrimosa mezzo-sopr., choir, organ, perc., strings
05. Pie Jesu mezzo-sopr., choir, organ, perc., strings
06. Sanctus choir, organ, perc., strings
07. Benedictus mezzo-sopr., choir, organ, perc., strings
08. Agnus Dei mezzo-sopr., choir, organ, perc., strings
08b. Interludium organ, perc., strings
09. O Lux, Beata Trinitas choir
09b. Interludium organ, perc., strings
10. Lux Aeterna choir, organ, perc., strings
11. In Paradisum mezzo-sopr., choir, organ, perc., strings