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Paolo Amatucci
1868 - 1935
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P. Amatucci
Paolo Amatucci (14/10/1868 - 17/01/1935), an Italian composer, organist and choirmaster (born in Loreto). He graduated in composition at the Conservatory of Pesaro in 1889. He moved to Trento, where he remained 8 years as an organist and director.
Messa da Requiem
Composed in:1894
Musical form:mass
Messa da Requiem (1894) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and choir.
Missa defunctorum
Composed in:1920
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Missa defunctorum for two voices, written in 1920.
Messa funebre
Composed in:1921
Musical form:mass
Messa funebre is for one voice, written in 1921.