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Luca Francesconi
1956 -
L. Francesconi
Luca Francesconi (17/03/1956), an Italian composer, born Milan. He worked for a while as assistant to Luciano Berio, and the influence of the great composer's word setting is detectable in both of these impressive recent works.
Let me bleed - Requiem for Carlo Ciuliani
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Text/libretto:Attilio Bertolucci
In memory of:Carlo Ciuliani
Label(s):Stradivarius STR 33683
Let me bleed - Requiem for Carlo Ciuliani (2001) is an unaccompanied choral requiem for a student, Carlo Giuliani, shot by police at a peaceful demonstration in Genoa in 2001. It's a wonderfully sustained meditation on a poem by Attilio Bertolucci (1911-2000), an Italian poet, with anguished vocal lines that have the wracked intensity of a Gesualdo madrigal.

♫ Let me bleed
Stradivarius STR 33683
Picture Picture
C. Ciuliani
A. Bertolucci