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Ludomir Michal Rogowski
1881 - 1954
L.M. Rogowski
Ludomir Michal Rogowski (03/10/1881 - 14/03/1954), a Polish composer and conductor, born in Lublin, the founder of the Vilnius symphonic orchestra, and its chief conductor between 1909 and 1912; the director of the music theater Teatr Nowoczesny (Modern Theater) in Warsaw from 1912 to 1914; he left for France in 1914, where he became renowned as a composer and a conductor; in France he socialized with, among others, A. France, I. Duncan and I.G. Erenburg; he returned to Poland after World War I, in the period between 1922 and 1926 he worked as a conductor in various Warsaw theaters; he moved to Dubrovnik in 1926 and stayed there for the rest of his life; in his art, which exhibits some influences of the French impressionism, he employed Slavonic elements (he created and used the so-called Slavonic scale); 7 symphonies, symphonic poems, orchestral suites, chamber works, piano and choral music, phantasmagorias for female voice and orchestra (before 1939), a mystery The Miracle of St. Blasius; first performed in Dubrovnik in 1928), operas (At the Inn, first performed in Warsaw in 1923), ballets (Fairy Tale, first performed in Warsaw in 1923, Kupala, Warsaw, 1926); he was also a writer (short stories, plays, autobiographical notes) and a theorist of music (The Music of the Future, 1922)
Composed in:1934
Musical form:mass
Label(s):AP 0058
One of the few religious works of Rogowski.
Source:booklet of cd AP 0058