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Luigi Felice Rossi
1805 - 1863
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L.F. Rossi
Luigi Felice Rossi (27/07/1805 - 20/06/1863), an Italian Church composer, pupil in composition at Naples of Raimondi and Ziugarelli. On his return to Turin he brought out an opera buffa, Gli avveuturieri, 1835, which proving unsuccessful, he devoted himself to church music. His masses were called after the cities for which they were written. His motets are among his best compositions. He contributed the musical articles to the Euciclopedia Popolare, by Pomba, and to the Gran Dizzionario della lingua Italiana of Tomaseo, translated Cherubiui's Course of Counterpoint and Fugue, and Reicha's treatise on composition. Works : 2 solemn masses ; Masses of Corio, Alessandria, and Cresceutino ; Mass alia Palestrina ; Requiem for male voices, with orchestra ; 3 complete vespers ; Te Deum ; Magnificat ; Motets and psalms ; Le sette parole di Giesu Cristo sulla croce.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem for male voices, with orchestra.