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Marjolijn Anstey
1943 -
Great Britain, England
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M. Anstey
Marjolijn Anstey (1943), a female English composer and pianist, born in Indonesia, moved to England at an early age, 1990 residing in Dorset England.
Requiem for the victims of war
Text/libretto:bible verses and English poems
In memory of:the victims of war
Requiem for the victims of war, for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, choir, treble choir and orchestra. Texts: Psalms from the Bible; W.Owen; C.Sorley; R.Spender; I.Rosenberg; J.Hescheles; Voznesensky; J.Sjpigel; H.Grin; E.Sitwell; W.Gibson; J.Symons; S.Sassoon.