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Eliza Gilkyson
1950 -
United States of America, CA
E. Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson (24/08/1950), a female American (Austin, Texas based) folk musician, born in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Her father was the songwriter and folk musician Terry Gilkyson. She is the sister of guitarist Tony Gilkyson, formerly of the band X.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:song
In memory of:the victims of the Asian Tsunami and Hurrican Katrina
Label(s):Red House
Harmonia Mundi HMU 807518
Requiem, a song, music and text by Eliza Gilkyson, the last track on the album Paradise Hotel, Red House Records (2005).

♫ Requiem
Harmonia Mundi HMU 807518
Eliza Gilkyson wrote "Requiem" as a song of grief following the Asian tsunami in December 2004. Now, after Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the Gulf Coast region, this song is finding its way to listeners and can be a song of prayer and comfort. The singer-songwriter explains how "Requiem," from her album Paradise Hotel, became a "vehicle for grieving."