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Margaret Sutherland
1897 - 1984
M.A. Sutherland
Margaret Ada [Margaret] Sutherland (20/11/1897 - 12/08/1984), a female Australian composer. The stature of Margaret Sutherland is unique in Australian music. She is honoured both as a distinguished composer and as one who continuously generated fresh interest and activity in the field of music. She asserted the importance of new music, particularly the work of Australian composers, and demonstrated her commitment to this belief by an extraordinary range of activities. Her work spans more than fifty-five years, with more than ninety compositions, years of inspired teaching, recitals, and close personal involvement with Australian poets, young composers, with music education, and with the wider struggle for the recognition of the arts in Australia.
Strange requiem
Composed in:1935c
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:Ester Levy
Strange requiem, a song with piano (ca. 1935). Words by Ester Levy.