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Lubos Fiser
1935 - 1999
Czech Republic
L. Fiser
Luboš Fišer (30/09/1935 - 22/06/1999), a Czech composer, born in Prague. He studied at the Prague Conservatoire and the Music Academy under Emil Hlobil, graduating with his opera Lancelot which has become a permanent part of the repertoire. His international fame became firmly established with his Fifteen Prints after Duerer's Apocalypse, which won the first prize in the 1967 UNESCO competition in Paris. Since the 60s he has written music for more than 300 films. His score to the film Bludiste moci (The Power Maze) won the 1979 Premio Italia Prize, to the film Zlati uhori (Golden Eels) the 1980 Prix Italia, to Golet v udoli (Golet in the Valley) the Czech Lion Prize 1995 and the same prize a year later for his music to King Ubu. A number of his works has received first performances at prestigious international events (Salzburg, Munich, New York) and his opera Eternal Faust won the International Television Competition Prize at Salzburg.
The group Quattro, founded in 1996, is made up of four composers: Sylvie Bodorova, Lubos Fiser, Zdenek Lukas and Otmar Macha, each belonging to a different generation and representing a different development and artistic approach; though often heading in opposite directions, these artists nonetheless share the same idea of the substance of musical composition and its function in society, and they believe in art being a vitally important "ecology of the soul". Quattro present their music at performances by leading artists. They are guided by their manifesto and by a wish to foster effective contact with their audiences. Quattro devote themselves entirely to composition are therefore able to respond quickly to any inspirational commission. Their approach is to be illustrated by their appearance at a 1997 Prague Spring Festival concert. Works by the members of the Quattro group have most recently been released on a Supraphon Records CD, SU 3272-2 031 "Prague Guitar Concertos". Further concerts, workshops, courses, lectures, recordings and publication of compositions are planned.
Composed in:1968
Label(s):Supraphon 112 1537 (LP)
Requiem for soprano, baritone, two mixed choirs and orchestra.
The Quattro group:
Z.Lukas; O.Macha;
S.Bodorova; L.Fiser