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Paul Dessau
1894 - 1979
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P. Dessau
Paul Dessau (19/12/1894 - 28/06/1979), a German conductor and composer (from Hamburg). He began as Kapellmeister under Otto Klemperer (Cologne) and Bruno Walter (Berlin). In the twenties, he began to work as conductor and composer for films. From 1933 onwards, the year of his emigration to Paris, his music expresses his antifascist attitude in his choice of texts and subject matters. In Paris he meets Leibowitz, receiving impulses from dodecaphony which further emphasizes the matter-of-factness of his music, in contrast to its expressionist density. 1942 brings first collaborations with Brecht whom he follows to Hollywood. In 1948 he returns to Germany, opting for East Germany and, as a consequence of his progressive political commitment, receives the national award of East Germany three times. He was influenced by Hebrew-Jewish folk tradition. His intention to touch the listener emotionally developed parallel to his pedagogical work with children.
Requiem für Patrice Lumumba
Composed in:1963
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Karl Mickel
Requiem für Lumumba (1963), for soprano, baritone soli, speaker, chorus and instruments. It is a requiem for Patrice Emery Lumumba (1925 - 1961), the prime minister of Congo, murdered by the CIA. Text by Karl Mickel (12/08/1935 - 20/06/2000), a German poet and writer.
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K. Mickel
P.E. Lumumba